College Football World Reacts To 5 “Best Jobs” List


What are the five “best jobs” in college football right now?

FOX college football analyst Joel Klatt decided to rank his top five. It’s a pretty uncontroversial list, though everyone has their own opinion on the subject.

Here’s how Klatt’s list shakes out:

  1. Texas
  2. Alabama
  3. USC
  4. Ohio State
  5. Georgia

Texas at No. 1 is probably the most controversial. The Longhorns have just one national title in roughly 50 years. Sure, Texas is an incredibly rich recruiting state and the support for the program is extremely high. But, if the Longhorns’ job was truly the best, wouldn’t it win more championships?

It’s a fair argument to make.

LSU is a job many believe should be on the list.

“LSU is a better job than most of those; great facilities and resources where school is totally committed to playing football at the highest level; each of their last three coaches have all won national titles. Can’t say the latter about the other five,” Bruce Feldman wrote.

Others are unsure if Alabama is a top five job. It’s similar to Duke basketball. While Alabama had success before Nick Saban, he’s elevated the program to such an incredibly high level. Is it sustainable when he leaves?

“I don’t think Alabama is Top 5. Nick Saban is the best coach of all time, but don’t confuse that with Alabama being the best job. It’s not an incredibly talent rich state, and yet you have to share it with another Top ~30 program,” one fan wrote.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones, meanwhile, made his argument for Georgia.

How would you rank college football’s best jobs?


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