College Football Program Cancels Practice With No Medical Staff


After earning its first win of the season this past weekend, Alcorn State’s football program was dealt some very unfortunate news on Monday.

Alcorn State learned that it doesn’t have any athletic trainers to take care of its players because the part-time trainers recently tested positive for COVID-19, per FootballScoop. As a result, the team had to cancel practice on Monday.

What makes this situation so incredibly frustrating for Alcorn State is that it doesn’t currently have any full-time athletic trainers on its staff. Head coach Fred McNair shared his thoughts on the situation during a radio appearance on Monday night.

“The biggest thing that is such a heartbreaking thing, is when you have meeting in the morning time, to talk about a great win and move on to the next game and come to find out we can’t practice because we don’t have athletic trainers on campus,” McNair said, via FootballScoop. “That’s deflating. That’s unacceptable for me as a football coach.”

McNair claims Alcorn State doesn’t have a full-time athletic trainer for its football program because the university doesn’t want to pay for one.

“This is something that needs to be fixed. This is an administration issue,” McNair said. “I could talk about it all the way till I turn blue. This has got to be fixed. We’ve got to be able to pay somebody to be the Alcorn State athletic trainer, and we don’t have one. That’s disheartening.”

Of course, this is a really challenging situation for McNair and his players. Their preparation for this weekend’s matchup against South Alabama is taking a serious hit because they don’t have any trainers.

Hopefully, Alcorn State will be able to resume practice this Tuesday.


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