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College Football Fans Loving Scott Frost’s New Word

There have been many great wordsmiths throughout history. But Nebraska head coach Scott Frost may have just put literature teachers to shame with his brand new word.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Frost made it clear that he doesn’t believe he needs slogans to motivate his players. He said that he’s doesn’t engage in “sloganeering” and lets his players motivate themselves.

“I’m not into sloganeering,” Frost said. “If the players need me to motivate them all the time or need me to come up with a unique slogan to get them to play harder, I probably don’t have the right players. I played for a coach at Nebraska in Coach Osborne — he didn’t need all the sayings and slogans. He just taught us the right way to do things, and we went to work.”

It’s a strong message, but one that’s gone viral specifically for his use of the word “sloganeering”. Though not one that Frost came up with – it’s been used everywhere for a long time – many people are having fun with the new word they’ve learned.

Scott Frost does have a point. He’ll need more than cute slogans to get Nebraska over the hump in 2021.

The Huskers have endured four straight losing seasons, three of them coming under Frost. They’ve had just one winning season in the past six years.

But with a schedule that is likely to get pretty brutal at stretches, Frost will probably need to be able to motivate his players from time to time.

When that motivation happens though, it won’t come from Scott Frost via a catchphrase or a slogan.

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