College Football Fans Are Concerned About Todd McShay Today


ESPN college football sideline reporter Todd McShay is trending on social media today as fans react to his hit during the Alabama vs. Miami game.

Last year, the veteran ESPN college football reporter had to leave a Wisconsin vs. Northwestern game following a concerning appearance. McShay was later able to return to the sideline in the coming weeks and the specific reason for his departure was not disclosed.

Today, McShay is back on the air for the Alabama vs. Miami game on ABC.

College football fans have taken to social media to express concern.

Someone needs to check on Todd McShay. He doesn’t seem well,” one fan tweeted.

Just searched Todd McShay on Twitter. Turns out I’m not the only one that thought something seems off about him,” another fan wrote.

I know that wondering about someone’s health on Twitter isn’t the best thing to do, but I hope that Todd McShay is okay,” one fan added.

Hopefully everything is OK with the veteran ESPN college football sideline reporter. He’s truly one of the best in the business at what he does.

Alabama and Miami, meanwhile, are playing on ABC. The Crimson Tide are leading the Hurricanes, 20-0.


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