Colin Cowherd Reveals His Prediction For Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers left Tuesday with a massive win, but not on the football field. He and Bryson DeChambeau downed Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson 3 & 2 in the fourth edition of “The Match” from The Reserve at Moonlit Basin in Montana.

But all eyes were on Rodgers for a different reason on Tuesday. Many watched and wondered if the 2020 MVP would reveal anything about his ongoing conflict with the Green Bay Packers.

The 37-year-old quarterback remained his usual reserved self and spent most of the time joking with Brady, trading jabs about each other’s golf game and time in the NFL. Brady even got in a couple jokes about the Packers but could never get a reaction out of Rodgers.

For Colin Cowherd, it was what the 2020 MVP didn’t do that gave a glimpse into his decision-making process. The FOX Sports host felt like the environment during the celebrity golf event was too casual for Rodgers to be serious about trying to leave the Packers.

“Aaron has come to terms with it. He’s going back to Green Bay… It looked too casual, too jokey and too fun,” Cowherd said of the attitude during “The Match.”

Cowherd makes an interesting point as Rodgers never seemed to take any trash talk to heart during the match. He either chuckled along with his playing partners or sent a joke back in the direction of Brady or Mickelson.

The closest fans got to hear the Packers quarterback give anything away was when Turner Sports host Brian Anderson interviewed him 1-on-1. Even then, he deflected the questions about his NFL future easily, revealing almost nothing about his mindset.

“I don’t know, BA. We’ll see…” Rodgers said of a return to the Packers during the Match. “I’m just out here trying to have a good time with Tom.”

It looks like we’ll need to wait a little longer to officially get the quarterback’s decision, but a return to the Packers does seem more likely.

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