Colin Cowherd Names His Biggest Concern With The Cowboys


The Cowboys‘ success this upcoming season will largely depend on Dak Prescott’s play. Colin Cowherd thinks that’s a problem.

More Prescott likely means less Ezekiel Elliott. The former NFL superstar has seen his role diminished these past few years as the Cowboys turned to Prescott’s arm to carry them to wins. If that pattern continues, Cowherd doesn’t like the Cowboys’ trajectory.

Cowherd spent a portion of his show on Thursday discussing his doubts about the Cowboys. Prescott was at the top of his list. Why? He believes the more the Cowboys rely on Prescott and the less they do on Zeke, the less games Dallas will win.

“As we watch this game tonight, there’s a reason I have my doubts about Dallas this year. They have become more dependent on Dak,” Cowherd said on Thursday.

Take a look.

The Cowboys rely on Dak Prescott for a reason. They’ll have no shot at winning a Super Bowl if they don’t trust their franchise quarterback. Quarterback-dependent teams are the teams having the most success in the NFL these past few years.

Luckily for the Cowboys, they have two stars in the backfield. Prescott is already a top-10 quarterback. Ezekiel Elliott, when healthy, is capable of rushing for 150 yards on any given night. That’s a luxury for the Dallas offense.

The Cowboys’ two-headed offensive monster will be on full display when Dallas takes on Tampa Bay this evening.


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