Colin Cowherd Is Still Eyeing 1 Team For Aaron Rodgers


The Green Bay Packers are still waiting to find out if star quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be on the field for the 2021 season.

A few months ago, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Rodgers no longer wanted to play for the organization. That sparked trade rumors that have dissipated over the past few months.

Green Bay has made it abundantly clear the team doesn’t plan to trade Rodgers before the 2021 season. On the flip side, Rodgers has given no indication he plans to play for the Packers this year.

Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd thinks he has the answer. He thinks the Denver Broncos will trade for Rodgers before the trade deadline passes.

“Nobody believes a trade will happen during the season…but what if Jordan Love is pretty darn good during the preseason?” Cowherd asked. “What if Drew Lock struggles in the AFC West? Yeah, that’s going to happen.”

Cowherd thinks there is a legitimate chance the Packers decide to move on from Rodgers during the 2021 season if Jordan Love looks like a quality quarterback.

Of course, that’s a major “if” right now. During the 2020 season, Love failed to land the backup quarterback job behind Rodgers and was stuck as the third-string quarterback.

Will the Packers move on from Rodgers during the 2021 season?


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