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Colin Cowherd Has A Warning For The Texas Longhorns

The future of the current college football landscape hangs in the balance as bombshell reports yesterday revealed Texas and Oklahoma are interested in leaving the Big 12 to join the SEC.

As a preseason top-five team and the consensus king of the Big 12, a move to a more competitive conference makes sense for the Sooners. But for the Longhorns, this transition is a little more difficult to get behind.

During an episode of his show on Thursday, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd explained why a move to the SEC would not benefit the Texas program.

“I don’t think Texas fits the SEC. Be careful what you wish for… I’d stay in the Big 12,” he said on The Herd w/ Colin Cowherd.

In his explanation of why the Longhorns won’t fit in the SEC, Cowherd referred to the conference as a “snake pit” with teams willing to “sell their souls” to win football games. And with the quickly changing political and social landscape of Austin, home of UT campus, the Fox Sports analyst believes the more progressive Texas program doesn’t belong in the intense southern atmosphere that the SEC provides.

If the Longhorns do leave the Big 12, Cowherd feels the program is better off joining the more laid-back west coast PAC 12 or simply going independent.

SEC and Big 12 leaders will both participate in meetings today to discuss the potential conference shifts.

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