Colin Cowherd Has A Bizarre Comparison For The Browns


We’re at a relatively slow time in the ever-expanding NFL calendar, between the rush of free agency and the draft, and the start of training camp later this summer. There’s still plenty of time to fill for those of us in the content business, and when it comes to Colin Cowherd and the Cleveland Browns, there is no shortage there.

Today, he whipped up an impressive if mostly incoherent comparison for the team that he likes to cut down at the knees. After an piece that stated that the Browns have the most complete roster in the league, Cowherd compared the big, flashy names like Odell Beckham Jr. and Baker Mayfield up and down the roster to the Coachella Music Festival in California. Basically, he says both have big names, but in reality, the experience is lacking.

“Cleveland’s got a lot of big names… OBJ, Baker, Kareem Hunt, Jadeveon Clowney. Yeah, OBJ’s never healthy, the Browns were better when Baker threw less last year, Kareem Hunt’s a backup, and Clowney’s inconsistent and hurt a lot,” Cowherd said on his FS1/Fox Sports Radio show today.

“When I look at Buffalo, Tampa, Kansas City, I have proven performers in big games and quarterbacks I’ve seen at the highest level take over games. That’s not what Cleveland is. You know what Cleveland’s a little bit like?… We have a music festival in the desert called Coachella…Cleveland’s got a little Coachella. Sounds big. Sounds like the time of your life. After a couple of years and a few rum drinks and five days in a tent, you’re like ‘It’s time to go home now and take a shower.’”

“Kansas City’s ready to win a Super Bowl. San Francisco, if Garoppolo’s upright, is ready to win a Super Bowl. Tampa just won a Super Bowl. Buffalo, now that they went and attacked their defensive line, is ready to win a Super Bowl. Baltimore, adding receivers, is ready to win a Super Bowl. Cleveland? Got a little Coachella.”

Colin Cowherd repeatedly cites the possibility of Myles Garrett getting hurt, though there aren’t many teams that would withstand the loss of an All-Pro-level defensive end terribly well. He may be right that calling the Browns the most complete roster in the league and a major Super Bowl contender is a bit of a stretch, but this metaphor is extremely strained.

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