Chris Pratt’s New Movie Takes Shot At NFL Franchise


We’re not so sure what the Miami Dolphins ever did to director Chris McKay, but they were on the wrong end of a few jokes in his latest film, The Tomorrow War.

The Tomorrow War is a sci-fi film that involves a group of travelers arriving from 2051 to let mankind know that in the future they’re losing a battle to an alien race.

At one point in the movie, Chris Pratt’s character asks “So, do the Miami Dolphins ever win the Super Bowl?”

It didn’t really come off as a jab at the Dolphins, especially since Pratt’s character was genuinely curious to see if the franchise finally captured the Lombardi Trophy. Nonetheless, that remark didn’t sit well with the fan base in Miami.

To make matters worse, the film took a legitimate shot at the Dolphins later on in the story.

When Pratt’s character returns from the future, he’s asked by J.K. Simmons’ character if the Dolphins still suck. Again, we’re not entirely sure why McKay decided to stick it to the Dolphins.

The Dolphins haven’t been the gold standard by any means, but there are other NFL teams that have been much worse over the past few decades.

Dolphins fans, are you OK with The Tomorrow War throwing shade at the franchise?


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