Charles Barkley Has Blunt Message For Patrick Beverley After Pushing Chris Paul


Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley was put on blast earlier this week for taking a cheap shot on Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul during Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. With the game pretty much out of reach, Beverley shoved Paul from behind.

During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, NBA legend Charles Barkley shared his thoughts on what transpired at the end of Game 6 between the Clippers and Suns.

Barkley didn’t shy away from calling Beverley’s shove on Paul a “punk move” while speaking with Dan Patrick.

“It depends on the situation, like Chris Paul has to play in the Finals so he can’t get into any fisticuffs,” Barkley said. “But, it was just a punk move by Pat Bev. When he almost tried to hurt Chris, he danced over him when he was on the ground. Now, he can’t take it when the rabbit’s got the gun. So, it was just a punk move, Pat Bev is a good kid, he works hard. But, it was just a punk move, plain and simple.”

This is a pretty accurate take from Barkley. One incident doesn’t make Beverley a dirty player, but it was obviously a dirty play.

Beverley did apologize on Twitter for his actions shortly after the Western Conference finals ended.

“Emotions got the best of me last night gang,” Beverley tweeted. “My bad wasn’t meant for you. Congrats on making it to the Finals. Best of luck.”

At the end of the day, Paul and the Suns got the last laugh. They’ll face either the Milwaukee Bucks or Atlanta Hawks in the NBA Finals.


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