Charles Barkley Has Blunt Message For Golf Swing Critics


Charles Barkley’s (formerly) brutal golf swing has become almost as iconic as his NBA playing career or his coining of the word “turrible”. But after years of criticism, Barkley is finally addressing what people think about his swing.

In a recent interview with AOL Sports via AleveX, Barkley was asked to give his reaction to his place in golf lore. As you might expect, he wasn’t particularly amused and wondered why people bother him about it so much.

“Is my golf swing really all that interesting to be such a hot topic?” Barkley said. “And a topic that seems to continue to follow me! I see all the joking that goes around and hear it from my friends on the course. But I say, let them talk.”

Barkley made it clear that his decision to finally improve his swing was something he chose on his own. He said he wasn’t at all prompted by what people on the internet and social media have said about him.

“I’m shooting in the mid-80s,” Barkley added. “Improving my swing was something I wanted to do for myself. It didn’t have anything to do with what was being said about me on the internet, I don’t care about that.”

It’ll probably be a while before Barkley is able to go toe-to-toe with other basketball icons who love to golf. He should probably avoid playing against Michael Jordan if he can help it.

For now though, Barkley no longer holds the title of “worst golf swing in America” – and he doesn’t seem to care.


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