Charles Barkley Has A Telling Admission On Ben Simmons


Over the past few weeks, no NBA players has been mentioned more in trade talks than Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons.

After a lackluster playoff performance, rumors of his future with the team grew louder. Now the 76ers have a full-fledged problem on their hands: do they trade Ben Simmons or try to help him improve?

Former NBA star and current analyst Charles Barkley doesn’t think there is a good answer in store for Philly.

“They got a serious issue on their hand with this Ben Simmons situation, because I know Philly is a very difficult town when things aren’t going good,” he said. “I hear all these fans talking about we got to trade Ben Simmons, but after watching him play, and I know he’s making 30 to 40 million a year, what team, and he’s afraid to shoot the ball, what team wants to trade for that situation?”

It’s a fair question to ask at this stage of Simmons’ career. Barkley then posited that the 76ers likely won’t get the value they want from a potential trade anyway.

“So I think it’s gonna be, I don’t even know the right answer. Do the Sixers think they can fix him? Or are they just gonna trade him for less? Because you’re not gonna get equal value as a player.”

This will be a situation to watch moving forward.


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