Charlène is in a clinic Monaco twins Gabriella and Jacques honor their sick mother.


Charlène is in a clinic Monaco twins Gabriella and Jacques honor their sick mother.

Princess Charlène was stuck in South Africa for a long time due to health problems. Shortly after her return to Monaco, she left the principality again – for medical treatment. Meanwhile, her children honor the ex-professional swimmer.

The family separation continues. Because of great exhaustion, Princess Charlène sought medical treatment outside of the principality a few days ago. She had recently returned from South Africa, where she was stuck for several months due to health problems. Her children honor the 43-year-old again and again during her absence. On Monegasque national holiday last week with messages they held in the cameras – and now through a tree-planting campaign.

Six-year-old Prince Jacques and his twin sister, Princess Gabriella, have planted a South African tree for their absent mother. The two were accompanied to the action by their father, Prince Albert II, who also picked up the shovel himself once. The siblings showed up as a unit at the appointment, to which many children had come. Jacques casually put his arm around his sister and gave the cameras “thumbs up”. The two miniroyals and the rest of those present wore masks at the appointment.

The small event took place on the occasion of the centenary of the women’s organization Soroptimist International. This is committed to peace and wants to make the lives of women and girls around the world better.

To protect her privacy, Charlène is currently recovering in a secret location outside of Monaco. She is currently in a state of general and mental exhaustion, it said on the part of the palace. In the first hours after her return, everything went well, but then it turned out that she was not doing well, Albert said in a recent interview. Before Christmas there should be an update on the health of the princess. She must be treated clinically for at least a few weeks.

Charlène’s long stay in South Africa had fueled rumors of the couple’s marital crisis. Albert denied this several times. In order to prevent further rumors, the 63-year-old emphasized in the “People” interview that it was not about corona or cancer, and neither was it about cosmetic surgery.

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