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CFB Insider Suggests Scott Frost Is On “Hot Seat” At Nebraska

After spending several years studying under Chip Kelly at Oregon and then leading the UCF Knights to a perfect season in 2017, Scott Frost quickly became college football’s young, rising star in the coaching world. It was widely viewed as a no-brainer when Nebraska took a chance on him in 2017.

Fast forward to 2021, Frost is 12-20 as the Huskers’ leader. Nebraska doesn’t look anything like the contender most were expecting it to be at this point in time. And now, believe it or not, Frost may be on the “hot seat.”

Per Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, Frost is in an interesting hot-seat situation. The athletic director who hired Frost, Bill Moos, is no longer with the program. He “retired” earlier this off-season, and now the Huskers are seeking out a new athletic director.

The new athletic director could have a drastic impact on Frost’s future. If he has another poor showing in 2021, it may be time to move on from the former star Huskers quarterback.

“The Nebraska situation is fascinating to me right now, even before Bill Moos had retired — and, by the way, that was in no way, shape or form a retirement,” Dodd said on the Cover 3 College Football Podcast, as transcribed by 247Sports. “I just wondered what Nebraska was — what’s its brand, does the average 18-year-old think of it? With Scott Frost a few years ago being the hip, young coach who had the chops, who had the ability, who had the background and it’s just completely fallen on its face — 12 and 20 in his three years, I think. And going into Year 4, what does that look like? When I suggested he was on the hot seat last year — ‘Well, he just signed an extension, wait a minute.’

“And even now, I have people telling me, ‘He just needs time.’ Well, if you just need that much time in college football these days, that’s the school’s problem — it’s not the coach’s problem — because you’re probably waiting too long. So he has to go to a bowl game — at least — this year to turn things around. And they don’t look like they have the personnel to have it. Now, the guy that hired him, Bill Moos, was escorted out with a nice three-million-dollar severance package. You know, you don’t give somebody, if he quit — which is what they’re saying, he retired — you don’t give him $3 million five days later.

“But so, now, the new AD — whoever he is — did not hire Scott Frost. And what does that look like and what kind of pressure’s on him? I think the first pressure point we’ll see on that — I’d look very closely to see if the streak ends on Nebraska this year. They did not sell out for the spring game. Because of COVID, it was only half capacity. But they didn’t fill it. And that would be a huge indicator, if they do not have a sellout this year, the way things are going at Nebraska.”

Scott Frost, at the very least, has to lead Nebraska to a bowl game this upcoming season.

If he fails to do so, his time with the Huskers may come to an end early in 2022.

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