CBS Sports Names Least ‘Talented’ Roster In The NFL


The 2021 NFL season still sits a few months away, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from taking a look at the rosters from around the league.

Earlier this week, CBS ranked every NFL roster from best to worst. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers earned the best overall roster, with the Kansas City Chiefs coming in a close second.

While Tampa Bay and Kansas City received high marks, not every team was as lucky. The Houston Texans received the unfortunate honor of being named the worst roster in the league.

Here’s what CBS Sports had to say about the Texans:

The Texans are expected to be the worst team in the NFL this season, and it doesn’t help that superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson is dealing with off-field issues that have put his year in jeopardy. I’m intrigued to see how Lonnie Johnson Jr. performs at his new position of safety, but the Texans simply didn’t do enough on the defensive side of the ball this offseason. They were the third-worst defense in the league last season, and could again be at the bottom of the NFL if the offense takes a step backwards as well.

The Texans would likely take a step forward in the rankings if it were known that Watson would be able to play in 2021.

However, his potential absence from the field doesn’t bode will for Houston heading into the 2021 season.


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