Carmelo Anthony Has Very Blunt Admission On The Lakers


The Lakers are old. LeBron James knows it. Frank Vogel knows it. So does Carmelo Anthony.

The Lakers’ off-season strategy was nothing short of perplexing. They traded for Russell Westbrook and signed a ton of veteran free agents like Anthony, DeAndre Jordan and Trevor Ariza. How will it all fit together? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Anthony joined Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday to discuss the Lakers’ outlook this season. He’s well aware Los Angeles as a team is old. But he also believes that experience will prove beneficial as the Lakers try to win a second championship in three years.

“We old as hell. … [but]we have the most knowledge on this one team than the whole NBA has,” Anthony said. “So if we can’t put that together and make something work, that’s on us.”

While the rest of the NBA zigs, the Lakers are zagging.

Today’s NBA is mostly predicated on three-point shooting and fast-paced half-court offense. The Lakers, meanwhile, are built on toughness, size and hustle. It’s the same kind of strategy they used to win a championship late in 2020. Will it work again?

Carmelo Anthony could prove to play a critical role for a Lakers team needing outside shooters. The veteran forward has transformed his game into becoming a spot-up shooter. And now he’ll have the opportunity to play alongside one of his best friends in LeBron James.

As long as the Lakers stay healthy, they should be in the championship mix. But that’s a big if for a team built on veteran players.


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