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Cardale Jones Reacts To The Dwayne Haskins News

There have been a lot of crude jokes made about Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins since reports emerged that he was the victim of domestic violence. And one former Ohio State Buckeye has seen enough.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones admonished people for joking about it and said that violence towards anyone is neither acceptable nor funny. He also pointed out that if the roles were reversed, people would be “calling for [Haskins’] head.”

“The same people making all these jokes and laughing about Dwayne Haskins being a victim of domestic violence, are the same people that would’ve been calling for his HEAD if the roles were flipped!” Jones tweeted. “No form of violence towards ANYONE is acceptable and damn sure isn’t funny.”

Cardale Jones has found no shortage of people willing to agree with him. His tweet has over 1,300 likes and 200 retweets, with plenty of people re-stating his message:

“Out of all the languages in the world you could’ve spoken, you chose to speak facts,” one fan replied.

“Well said, Mr. Jones. People don’t have any common sense online,” wrote another.

“Yes unfortunately, men can also be victims of domestic violence. So laughing at Dwayne Haskins just shows how uneducated people are,” another fan wrote in a retweet. “DV IS NO LAUGHING MATTER, regardless who the victim is.”

Dwayne Haskins’ wife was arrested earlier this month and charged with domestic battery after reportedly cutting his lip and knocking out a tooth. She is due in court this August.

Here’s to hoping Haskins makes a full recovery.

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