BYU Preventing Student-Athletes From Endorsing 5 Products


On Thursday, the college sports landscape forever changed following the new Name, Image, and Likeness rules that allow athletes to earn money on endorsements.

Immediately after the new NIL rules became official, Auburn quarterback Bo Nix announced an endorsement deal. He’s hardly alone, as many high-profile athletes have already taken advantage of the new rules.

While most athletes are loving their new freedoms, there are some limitations around a few campuses. On Thursday BYU issued a statement naming the products athletes won’t be able to endorse.

According to the announcement, BYU athletes can not endorse, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, adult entertainment or coffee products – among others.

Here’s the announcement.

Current athletes aren’t the only ones hoping to take advantage of the new rules. Former USC star running back Reggie Bush is hoping to have his Heisman Trophy re-instated.

“Over the last few months, on multiple occasions, my team and I have reached out to both the NCAA and The Heisman Trust in regard to the reinstatement of my college records and the return of my Heisman,” he said in a statement. “It is my strong belief that I won the Heisman trophy ‘solely’ due to my hard work and dedication on the football field and it is also my firm belief that my records should be reinstated.”

Will Bush get his Heisman back?


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