BTOB Sungjae has the chance to star in the K-drama “Gold Spoon” days after the military mission.


BTOB Sungjae has the chance to star in the K-drama “Gold Spoon” days after the military mission.

Cube Entertainment said they had received a proposal to allow BTOB’s Yook Sungjae to star in “Gold Spoon” and are considering it “positively”.

Now that K-pop group BTOB has finally wrapped up their military era, the guys will have plenty to do in terms of their solo projects as Sungjae is considering K-drama projects after his recent military release. Musically, BTOB 4U, the official subunit of the group, took over the group’s activities when the two BTOB members Sungjae and Hyunsik were drafted into the military. Once the sub-unit is done with its own activities, including promotions, the reunited and full group can begin work on new projects.

The group’s rapper, Minhyuk (also known by his pen name HUTA) has a lot going for it right now, as his recently released single “Good Night” has been a fan hit. He’s also causing a stir right now, all thanks to his chiseled body and veined washboard abs, which graced the Korean edition of Men’s Health magazine in the December 2021 issue. Now that Sungjae and Hyunsik have finally returned home from fulfilling their duties to their country, the group is finally complete and will continue its schedule as a group.


On the flip side, Sungjae has some very exciting news to share with fans who have loved his appearances on K-Dramas and variety shows. On November 24, it was reported that after Sungjae was drafted into the military, he would return to acting with a new K-drama entitled “Golden Spoon.” It’s unclear if Sungjae will really be a part of the Webtoon-based drama, but fans can only hope for good news. The K-Drama is based on the webtoon of the same name ‘Gold Spoon’.

The story is about a boy named Seung Cheon who gets his hands on a magic spoon that enables him to change lives with his wealthy best friend. Making this life changing decision leaves him in a predicament that includes three possibilities. Seung Cheon has three attempts that will determine or destroy his future. With a view to his two possible future prospects, it is up to Seung Cheon to decide whether to continue living in the world of the rich or to return to his poor parents. Sunjae is believed to star in the K-drama, as reports suggest that filming for the drama will begin soon so the drama can air in early 2022.

The writers duo Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyung will be the scriptwriters for this drama. The duo are best known for their work on K-dramas like “Winter Sonata”, “Sweet 18” and “Premier Minister and I”. The K-Drama is said to have been produced by Samhwa Networks, who are also behind the production of popular K-Dramas such as “The Fiery Priest” and “Dr. Romantic 2 ‘.

The fans are very happy that Sungjae is making a comeback in acting after his popular appearances in K-dramas like “The Heirs”, “Reply 1994”, “Goblin”, “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” and many others. In response to reports of the news, Sungjae’s agency, Cube Entertainment, reported that it was positive about the offer it received from the production of ‘Golden Spoon’.

It should also be noted that Sungjae will be closed on December 31st and December 1st.

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