Bruce Smith Reveals His Advice For Aaron Rodgers, Packers


The Green Bay Packers have a few more weeks to mend their relationship with Aaron Rodgers before training camp officially begins.

Over the weekend, Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith shared his thoughts on the Packers’ situation. He even gave the franchise some advice on how it should handle its negotiations with Rodgers.

Smith thinks it all comes down to being transparent. If the Packers are honest with Rodgers about how long he’ll be under contract with them, he might play ball this fall.

“My advice would be to hash out their differences,” Smith said. “Maybe he ends up playing this last year with the Packers, and then he moves on to another team. It would be in everyone’s best interest that Aaron is happy going into this season or he at least knows what his future is going to look like after the season is over.”

Smith believes the Packers need to fix their relationship with Rodgers if they want to be Super Bowl contenders this upcoming season.

“I do know that he [Rodgers] is one of the most talented players in the National Football League and has been for a very long time. With him, they are a contender. Without him, they are not.”

The Packers have a lot of talent outside of Rodgers, but it’d be unfair to expect Jordan Love to lead them to a Super Bowl in his first season as team’s starting quarterback.

Green Bay’s veteran players are expected to report to training camp on July 27. We’ll find out then if Rodgers ends his holdout.


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