Brown’s “Turning On” Dressing Room Baker Mayfield: Report.


Brown’s “Turning On” Dressing Room Baker Mayfield: Report.

It’s not been the smoothest weeks for Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, and according to a new report, the off-field drama has split the dressing room among the former No. 1 overall pick.

Fox Sports Talking Head Skip Bayless said he spoke to a source embedded in the Browns locker room and told that Mayfield will lose a handle in the locker room due to the release of Odell Beckham Jr. earlier this month.

“I spoke to a source last night who is a very good source, has very close ties with the Cleveland Browns, and knows many of the players. That source told me it’s all about Odell because the players in the locker room – I think we’re mostly talking about black players, to be precise – Odell Beckham Jr Undisputed. “Its mysticism and aura are much bigger than its production over the past four years. He’s been beaten up, he’s had three operations in four years, but I’ll leave it all alone. He’s still on a pedestal. “

The Browns Passing Offensive hasn’t gotten off the ground lately, and Bayless believes there are others in the locker room who, like Beckham, want to be “freed”.

“These players, especially those a little younger than him, love him and look up to Odell. My source told me that Team Baker is very close because there is no Odell anymore. Even LeBron tweeted “Free Odell” and once Odell is freed and goes to the Rams, everyone else in the locker room thinks, “Gosh, I wish I could be free. I wish I could get out of here too. ‘ You turn on Baker. “

Beckham was said goodbye to almost every recipient in a locker room who mentioned how good a teammate he was during his time in Cleveland. That ranged from rookie Anthony Schwartz to his longtime friend Jarvis Landry.

Bringing Beckham to Cleveland was a blockbuster move developed by former Browns GM John Dorsey that was never successful. Although Beckham broke the 1,000-yard barrier in his first season in Cleveland, with Freddie Kitchens at the helm, he didn’t live up to wild expectations. He finished with 1,035 yards and four touchdowns, with the Browns finishing 6-10.

Before tearing his cruciate ligament last season, Beckham had 23 catches on 43 targets for 319 yards and three touchdowns, which also added a rushing score. His career in a Browns uniform ended with 114 catches for 1,586 yards and seven touchdowns.

Beckham’s final days with the Browns were ugly when the passport catcher’s father posted a highlight video roasting quarterback Baker Mayfield, blaming him for his son’s fights. Beckham was then asked to stay home and was released soon after his deal was renegotiated.

Corresponding Monday Night Football part-time reporter Lisa Salters‘Beckham had never planned to leave Cleveland and things just got out of hand.

“He told me he didn’t really want to talk about what happened in Cleveland and what led to his release there, but he said every detail was insane for him.” Salters said. “He said, ‘I have no words for it, it stinks, it was never intended,’ and he said he couldn’t have imagined any of it.

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