Brett Favre Says 1 NFL Quarterback Is Most Like Him


Legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre was known as a “gunslinger.” The former Green Bay Packers quarterback never seemed to find a pass he didn’t like. Favre was fearless – and at times reckless – over the course of his Hall of Fame career.

While the NFL has become even more of a passing league than it was during Favre’s days, only one current quarterback seems to remind the legendary Packer of himself.

Favre admitted that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is the quarterback that most reminds him of himself.

“I would say Josh Allen probably,” Favre told Trent Dilfer, via “A year ago at this time if we were having this conversation I would have said (Patrick) Mahomes or Baker Mayfield. Now it’s Josh Allen. The more I’ve gotten a chance to watch him, he’s trying to run over people. He’s just basically doing whatever. He’s raw, but he’s a winner. I’m sure (Brian) Daboll, his offensive coordinator—who was my quarterback coach for the Jets—is like, ‘Quit being Favre!’ If you want to play 20 years you need to stop trying to run over people. In year three, four, five, six it’s kind of hard to.”

Favre said there’s only one noticeable difference.

“If there’s any difference he’s a little more polished. A little more… Josh is kind of like, of all the quarterbacks out there, he’s kind of like the closest to old school… He’s just winning games. Whatever that calls for, that’s what he’s able to do so definitely he and I are closest in comparison.”

Allen and the Bills will open the 2021 regular season on Sunday, Sept. 12 against the Steelers.


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