Brady: According to a report, Tom Brady has eaten at Subway before


Update: ESPN’s Seth Wickersham points out that Tom Brady actually has eaten at Subway before. He reportedly liked to get Subway’s meatball sub in college at Michigan.

Earlier: Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is set to become a new spokesman of Subway, the fast food sandwich chain. That is despite the fact that the notoriously diet-conscious quarterback has never eaten at, or even stepped foot in, one of the restaurants.

Brady will appear in a Subway ad in the coming weeks, after recently wrapping up filming. The ad will not feature Brady holding or eating any of the company’s products, per a report by Terry Lefton of Sports Business Journal.

Brady famously adheres to a strict diet outlined in the “TB12” system. Subway’s sandwiches, which are wide-ranging in nutritional value, almost definitely don’t fit the bill.

It sounds like Brady gets enough distance from the products themselves, as he never actually interacts with them. The fact that he’s never stepped foot in a Subway is pretty wild, though.

Subway joins a pretty loaded list of endorsements for Brady. On top of TB12, he has major deals with Under Armour, Uggs, Aston Martin, Tag Heuer, Molecule Mattresses, and other companies.

This year, he will appear on the cover of EA Sports’ Madden NFL 22 with fellow star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He previously appeared by himself on the cover of Madden NFL 18.

Tom Brady joins a roster of Subway endorsers that is continuing to add athletes into the mix. Draymond Green and Jayson Tatum have appeared in a series of ads during the NBA season, while JJ Watt and his NFL-playing brothers TJ and Derek have also appeared in notable commercials for the brand. MLB superstars Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw have been affiliated with Subway as well.

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