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Bob Stoops Reacts To The New “Horns Down” Rule

The “Horns Down” gesture has become an iconic symbol on the Oklahoma side of the Sooners-Longhorns rivalry. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing much of it on the field in years to come, and Bob Stoops isn’t happy about it.

Big 12 coordinator of officials revealed during conference media days earlier this week the conference plans to penalize players who display “Horns Down” to a Texas player. Even if an Oklahoma player displays the gesture towards the crowd, it could warrant a penalty.

“Lemme put it this way,” Burks said. “If you do a Horns Down to a Texas player as an opponent, that’s probably going to be a foul.”

Despite the comment, Stoops doesn’t think “Horns Down” is going away anytime soon. He loved what former Oklahoma offensive lineman Creed Humphrey had to say about the ruling this week.

Take a look.

You can spin it however you would like – but the Big 12’s ruling on “Horns Down” is flat-out lame. Bob Stoops clearly agrees.

The Oklahoma-Texas rivalry is one of the best things about college football. It’s intense. The players hate each other. So do the fans. The iconic gesture added an awesome, new layer to the rivalry.

Officials want to do everything they can to prevent scuffles. We don’t blame them. But the new ruling is taking things a bit too far. Let the players have some fun.

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