Bill Cowher Has Honest Comment About Mike Tomlin’s Future With Steelers


Mike Tomlin has been the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2007. While it’s way too early to tell when his run with the franchise will come to an end, his predecessor, Bill Cowher, recently shared his thoughts on that topic.

During an appearance on the “All Things Covered” podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden, Cowher was asked to predict Tomlin’s future with the Steelers.

Not only does Cowher sound confident that Tomlin will be the head coach of the Steelers for the foreseeable future, he’s not even sure if the front office will decide when it’s time to cut ties with the Super Bowl champion.

Cowher firmly believes that Tomlin will be in Pittsburgh as long as he wants to.

“His record speaks for itself,” Cowher said, via CBS Sports. “His consistency that he has produced year in and year out. I hope he’s there for a long time as long as he’s happy being there. It’s a demanding job. Pittsburgh is a small town. Sometimes, you’re probably appreciated more so outside your city than you are inside your city. I think people from the outside realize how good of a football coach Mike Tomlin is. … There’s no question Mike will be there as long as he wants to be there, and he’ll be first one to know when it’s time to walk away.”

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger also thinks Tomlin should get to decide when his run with the team is over.

“I think he deserves to stay as long as he wants,” Roethlisberger said earlier this offseason. “I think stability is huge and underrated in this game. He will go down as one of the greats.”

Though he’s been with the Steelers for over a decade, Tomlin has never had a losing record.

We’ll see if Tomlin can lead the Steelers to another Super Bowl appearance next season.


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