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Big Ten Commissioner Reveals If He Regrets Last Year’s Decisions

The 2020 college football season was Kevin Warren’s first full year as commissioner of the Big Ten Conference. It also happened to be the during advent of one of the biggest pandemics the world had ever seen.

Warren made a lot of decisions in the months leading up to the season that rubbed people the wrong way. He announced the cancellation of the season before reversing course midseason after other college programs were able to play football with very few issues.

So this week Warren reflected on the year that was and the decisions that he made. Speaking to the media on Thursday, Warren declared that he has no regrets over how things played out and would have made the same decisions again.

“I don’t have any regrets…” Warren said. “If I had the chance to do it all over last year, I would make the same decisions that we made.”

While some people are quickly admonishing Kevin Warren in the comments for saying that, it’s clear that he is standing firm by the decisions he made.

The COVID-19 pandemic would have been hard for any executive to navigate in Year 20 on the job, let alone Year One.

Fortunately, the Big Ten appears to have navigated its way out of the pandemic and is on track for a proper 2021 season.

Warren will likely remain an unpopular figure in Big Ten circles for years to come. But he’s not backing down.

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