Ben Simmons Trade Rumors Get a Definitive Answer from Warriors GM.


The rumors linking the Golden State Warriors to Ben Simmons have been circulating for months, and now the team’s general manager has given what appears to be the final word on the matter. The three-time All-Star is almost certain to leave the Philadelphia 76ers due to an ever-widening schism with the organization, and the Warriors have been mentioned as a possible destination. According to reports, Simmons was interested in playing for a team in California, and the Warriors were a good fit as the team looked to reload and add talent ahead of Klay Thompson’s expected return. That debate is likely to be over now. 004

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Warriors Shut Down Talk

Warriors Shut Down Talk

Warriors GM Bob Myers made it clear to reporters at Warriors Media Day on September 27 that no blockbuster trades were in the team’s future, putting an end to any lingering speculation that the franchise might go after Simmons. “As far as trades, those conversations are always happening — now, tomorrow, today.”

That is my responsibility. “We play in that league,” Myers explained. “However, if you’re looking for some clarification, I expect this roster to be our roster.” Certainly in the near future, and most likely as the season progresses, and then we’ll see how things go. That’s exactly what we’d do in any case. ”

Myers said he likes the team and the current roster structure, which is nearing full strength for the first time in two seasons. Thompson missed last season due to an Achilles tear and missed the previous season due to an ACL tear, but he is expected to return in January.

There were reportedly some talks between the Warriors and the Sixers about Simmons, but they never seemed to go anywhere. The Warriors never had any realistic interest in Simmons, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic in September. “The Warriors front office is split on whether or not to accept a Ben Simmons trade offer from Philadelphia.”

He wrote, “There isn’t — and never has been — a realistic one on the table for them to discuss.”

Simmons Gets Warriors in Trouble

The Warriors have been in some hot water recently for discussing Simmons. Team owner Joe Lacob also spoke out about Simmons, telling the San Francisco Chronicle’s Rusty Simmons that the Warriors are interested in pursuing him. Simmons would be both too expensive and redundant to the team’s current point guard, Draymond Green, according to Lacob.

“It doesn’t really fit what we’re doing in some ways,” Lacob said. “He’s a very wealthy man.” Is he able to complete games? I’m not sure… He has a lot of potential. The issue is that we have Draymond. He and Draymond are similar in that neither of them shoots much and they do a lot of the playmaking. That’s one problem. Another factor is the pay structure. ”


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