Bart Scott Reveals His Bold Prediction For The NFL’s MVP


ESPN NFL analyst Bart Scott has never been afraid to make bold opinions – even if they get him ridiculed. But he must know that his prediction for NFL MVP is definitely going to get him some heated replies.

On Thursday’s edition of Get Up, the former Pro Bowl linebacker declared that Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford is his pick for NFL MVP. But he took the pick a step further, predicting that Stafford will break Peyton Manning’s single season passing record with nearly 6,000 yards.

“I think he can really have an opportunity to break (the record of) 5,500 yards,” Scott said. “I think he can go for 6,000 yds.”

Needless to say, fans aren’t exactly thrilled with Scott’s prediction. But some fans are acknowledging that Manning’s record is destined to fall now that there are 17 games in a season.

“Take “records” out the window. This is a new era with an extra game. New records should begin starting this season. Just my opinion,” one fan said in a retweet.

“Don’t get me wrong even with the extra game 6000 yards is a bit optimistic but I definitely think he could get at least 5300 with McVey and the offensive weapons he has,” another fan wrote.

“Not bad. It’s possible…mvp that is. He’s not throwing for 6k yds. It’s not unfathomable that someone could break Peyton’s record with the extra game now. But (Stafford) would have to play a whole lot of terrible pass defenses through the yr to get 6k,” wrote another.

Matthew Stafford is heading into his first year with the Rams after spending the last decade-plus with the Detroit Lions. Stafford became Detroit’s all-time leading passer and made the Pro Bowl several times between 2009 and 2020.

Now he’s on a Rams team with significantly more resources to surround him with. Perhaps he will have a career year.

Is Matthew Stafford an actual MVP candidate? Or is Bart Scott just being crazy here?


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