At Sixers practice, Joel Embiid makes a dig at Andre Drummond: WATCH.


When Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid joined the Philadelphia 76ers, they promised to put their years-long feud behind them. And on the Sixers’ Media Day, Drummond reiterated that there was no animosity. Then came the first day of training camp practice in Camden, NJ, where Embiid appears to leave Drummond hanging for nearly 10 seconds for a hand slap on Tuesday (Sept. 28). Tobias Harris congratulates the former Los Angeles Lakers center before leaving five digits out for Embiid in the viral video (via Noah Levick of NBC Sports Philadelphia). Despite Drummond’s loud clapping to get Embiid’s attention, the NBA MVP runner-up will not shake his hand. To be fair, Embiid is under the tutelage of head coach Doc Rivers, so it’s possible he didn’t hear or see Drummond. (That wasn’t meant as a sarcastic remark.) At the end, Harris gives the snubbed backup a second hand slap. “We’re like titans, we just clash hard, we play hard against each other,” Drummond said at the Sixers’ Media Day. “I have no ill will toward him, and he has no ill will toward me; we are now teammates.” Playing with him, watching him grow, and assisting him in becoming the best he can be. When asked if there were any hurt feelings or if the two had spoken about it, Drummond said, “I think it’s unspoken, there’s nothing that needs to be said about it..” It’s basketball, so there’s no real beef – after all, what kind of real beef can you have in basketball? ”

The Sixers’ official Twitter account later that day shared a photo of Embiid high-fiving Drummond. It appears that the two were merely joking around and genuinely enjoy being teammates.

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Harris Working on Three-Point Shooting

Throughout his career, Tobias Harris hasn’t been the best three-point shooter. The Sixers’ star, on the other hand, had his best deep ball percentage since 2018, raising his career average to 39. Last season, it was 4%. It was good, but it wasn’t quite enough. Harris spent the offseason working on his outside jumper and spent

on it. Instead of relying on open looks, especially off the bounce. The absence of Ben Simmons this season could have a significant impact on the number of open looks the entire team receives.

“Being able to shoot threes off the bounce, as well as contested three-point shots, was a huge focus of the summer.” “That was my main focus,” Harris said to reporters. “A lot of three-point shooting off the dribble, a lot of moves after bouncing off the perimeter, like outside the three-point line. ”

Rivers lobbied hard for Drummond

Rivers deserves credit for bringing Drummond to the Sixers. The head coach, with apologies to Dwight Howard, was desperate for a reliable big man to complement Embiid and pushed the front office to sign a two-time All-Star who turned 28 in August. Drummond and Georges Niang were singled out by Rivers as key additions.

Rivers told reporters, “I think Drymmoond is a big pickup for us.” “I believe Niang is the unseen pickup. Because of his ability to stretch the floor, I believe he’ll be a big player for us, especially if we try to play small ball. And, more importantly, our second year together has made us a stronger team. ”

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