At a traffic stop, Jalen Ramsey makes a fan’s day.


It turns out that one Los Angeles Rams fan had the opportunity to meet Jalen Ramsey before the cornerback arrived at SoFi Stadium on Sunday, September 26.

Even better, while at a traffic stop, this fan received a gift from No. 5 himself: an autographed Rams jersey.

In a viral video that went viral this week on Twitter, a male fan with an Aaron Donald L.A. Rams home jersey greeted Ramsey with a surprise greeting. What was Ramsey’s response? “There we go!”

He got his hands on a Rams jersey! ” Ramsey exclaims enthusiastically in a 23-second clip posted on Twitter. When Ramsey signed away at the jersey, the light was clearly still red.

Online Praise for Ramsey

After a video of Ramsey signing autographs at a traffic stop went viral, praise poured in for the Rams’ defensive captain.

This Rams fan since 1976 gave the video two blue and yellow hearts in this tweet to represent Ram colors.

This fan made a mental note on Twitter for when they’re on the road next to a famous athlete and the light is red, as seen in this Twitter post. In this post, Ramsey was referred to as “the man” for his random act.

Finally, this fan remarked on how great of a trade it was to get Ramsey, and he concluded his tweet with a Rams hashtag.

Ramsey Explains Mariachi-Themed Outfit

Before Ramsey led the Rams to a 34-24 home victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one thing stood out: his outfit.

Ramsey wore a flashy royal blue and yellow suit resembling Ram colors, inspired by the “Mariachi Rams,” a Spanish musical group known for performing their songs before and during Ram home games. Seeing them perform during his third home game as a member of the Rams was “super cool to me,” according to Ramsey. ”

“When they started playing, the whole crowd got hyped up and excited,” Ramsey said in the video. “That was something that stayed with me for a long time.” This year, I was reminded of that, of all the excitement all over again. ”

Ramsey then mentioned a preseason game where the “Mariachi Rams” performed, recalling how enthralled the audience became once the band began to use their instruments and vocal chords. Before the Bucs’ victory, it was that game that inspired his gameday attire. “The crowd went crazy,” Ramsey said.

“The next day, I talk to the powers that be and ask, ‘Hey, is there any chance I could get one of the mariachi band’s suits or meet them in some way?’ ‘And then something happened, and they made it happen for me.’ ”

Through his themed-outfit, Ramsey confirmed that he wanted to “be more of a part” of L.A.’s strong Hispanic representation.

Before the game, Ramsey’s boots were emblazoned with “Mariachi Rams” and “Cinco No. 5”. Ramsey then revealed his outfit to the rest of the band, who were all enthusiastic about it. Ramsey’s encounter and brief autograph session with the fan at the traffic stop can be seen at the 3:20 mark of the video. The full video is embedded below. Clean Bowled News


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