Anonymous NFL Coach Shares Honest Admission On Tom Brady


Tom Brady is coming off his 7th Super Bowl championship – his first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – and the 43-year-old quarterback continues to play his position at an extremely high level.

But where does Brady rank among his colleagues?

The Athletic recently unveiled its 2021 quarterback tiers list. Brady came in at the top of Tier 2, at No. 3 overall. That’s a pretty solid ranking for the Buccaneers star.

Of course, some would likely argue that Brady deserves to be in Tier 1. He just won the Super Bowl, after all, and looked pretty great doing so. However, an anonymous NFL coach shared an honest admission on Brady’s ranking.

“Brady is a 2,” the anonymous NFL offensive coordinator said.

“There were too many games where they weren’t really doing a whole lot, and the defense or somebody made a big play. I think he’s really good. I just don’t think he can carry a team now.”

Not everyone would agree with that, of course. While Brady might have regressed some physically, he’s still as good as anyone in the mental side of the game.

Brady and the Buccaneers will go for back-to-back championships this fall.

Tampa Bay opens the season on Thursday, Sept. 9 against the Dallas Cowboys.


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