Andrew Whitworth Has Telling Admission On Nick Bosa


San Francisco 49ers pass rusher Nick Bosa entered the NFL in 2019 with tons of fanfare and quickly proved worthy of the hype. Despite being Bosa’s rival, Los Angeles Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth had a pretty surprising admission about him.

Appearing on Green Light with Chris Long via Niners Nation, Whitworth called Bosa “one of the most powerful” players he’s ever gone up against. Whitworth said that Bosa is a “special pass rusher” and believes that he’ll only continue to get stronger.

“I think he’s a special rusher,” Whitworth said. “I think feeling him as a rookie, he’s one of the most powerful kids I’ve ever felt that young. Really in the run game, pass game, everything. He’s got some serious pop. And so I think there’s youth strength and then there’s like, man when this guy kind of hits his stride, if he’s that powerful now, wow. He’s gonna be a guy that’s gonna really be able to push the pocket. And obviously plays with an incredible motor and has the big brother to look up to who’s a hell of a player too.”

Whitworth knows great pass rushers. He’s been an offensive tackle for 15 years and gone up against the best of the best, earning multiple Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections.

As a rookie in 2019, Nick Bosa had 9.0 sacks, 25 QB hits, 16 tackles for loss, 47 tackles and a forced fumble. He earned Pro Bowl and Rookie of the Year honors for his efforts.

Unfortunately, injuries kept Bosa from following up that superb rookie season. He played in two games before suffering a season-ending torn ACL in Week 2.

But with strength and determination like Bosa’s, a full recovery should be expected.

Will Nick Bosa return to Pro Bowl status in 2021?


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