Analyst Addresses His Controversial Ryan Day Ranking


The analysts at Pro Football Focus (PFF) are no strangers to controversy, regularly creating some with their rankings of various teams, players and coaches. But after making a list of top coaches that didn’t feature one notable name – Ohio State head coach Ryan Day – the author decided to respond.

On Wednesday, PFF analyst Seth Galina posted his list of the 20 best coaches in college football. While the absence of Ryan Day from the list didn’t cause the post to get ratio’d too hard, it had plenty of people scratching their heads.

Shortly afterwards, Galina took to Twitter, insisting that Ryan Day is a great coach but feels he didn’t meet his criteria for the list. He believes that it’s only been two years and that making that decision isn’t that impactful.

“I personally believe Ryan Day is a great coach but he didn’t really meet the criteria that I was looking for and it’s only been 2 years so I didn’t put him and it’s fine!” Galina wrote. “The world is not going to end!”

Ryan Day may not have met Galina’s strict criteria, but he has clearly won enough to rank among the elite based solely on his accomplishments.

In two seasons at Ohio State plus three games as an interim head coach, Day is 23-2, never losing a regular season game or a Big Ten game. He has won back-to-back Big Ten titles and has led the Buckeyes on back-to-back College Football Playoff appearances.

The only thing Day hasn’t done in two short years is beat Nick Saban (which he only had one shot at so far) and win a national title.

That said, if Day does either of those things next year and still doesn’t make the list, PFF may have some problems.


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