Alex Smith Predicts ‘Huge, Huge Year’ From Dak Prescott


A severe leg injury has kept Dak Prescott off the football field since October. But while nobody can foresee what Prescott will be like when he returns to the Dallas Cowboys, retired QB Alex Smith has a prediction for him.

Speaking to USA Today, Smith said he feels that Prescott is such a good athlete and has such great fortitude that he expects him to “come back and be rolling”. He believes Prescott will have a “huge, huge year” for the Cowboys.

“Dak is, I think, one of the most unique athletes in the NFL – and I really think that from like a freakish perspective,” Smith said. “He is such a strong, powerful, such a good athlete. So I really expect him to come back and be rolling. Then you add that on to his fortitude and mental perspective? I think he’s going to have a huge, huge year.”

Smith is coming off a remarkable comeback story of his own. He overcame a life-threatening leg injury and dozens of surgeries to return to the Washington Football Team in 2020. When he returned, he helped them win the NFC East title.

For his efforts, Smith was named Comeback Player of the Year. But he retired after the season.

Dak Prescott was playing some of the best football of his career when he suffered his injury. While some thought the injury might end his NFL career, or at least his time with the Cowboys, he instead received the contract extension he’s sought for years.

By all accounts, Prescott is on pace to return to the field for the start of the 2021 season. And if he picks up where he left off, Comeback Player of the Year is on the table.

Will Dak Prescott return to top form this coming season like Alex Smith predicts?

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