Adam Schefter Has 1 Blunt Suggestion For Aaron Rodgers


We’re a couple of months into the Aaron Rodgers vs. the Green Bay Packers saga and not much has happened yet.

The Packers would prefer that to remain the case, of course, as the NFC North franchise appears to have little to no interest in trading their superstar quarterback. Rodgers, on the other hand, has yet to report to any team functions this offseason. He skipped mandatory minicamp and voluntary OTAs. It’s unclear if he plans on reporting to training camp later this month.

“I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this week. And then get back to working out, and figure things out in a couple weeks,” Rodgers said at the American Century Championship golf tournament last week.

If Rodgers truly wants to be traded, though, he needs to take a much more public approach. That’s what ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter believes, anyway.

Schefter’s suggestion to Rodgers is blunt: get dirty.

“I think Aaron Rodgers has been passive-aggressive about the whole thing…” Schefter told Pro Football Focus. “I think he’s got to get some mud on his hands.”

If Rodgers does want out, truly going public with his demand is likely the way to go. We’ve seen several sports stars publicly voice their demands over the years and the majority of them have gotten what they wanted.

Will Rodgers be next? For now, he’s mostly keeping quiet.


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