Aaron Rodgers Uses 1 Word To Describe His Offseason Mindset



That’s the word Aaron Rodgers would use to describe his thoughts this offseason. Green Bay’s MVP quarterback considered retiring or forcing a trade to another team. However, he ultimately agreed to return to the Packers and is 100-percent in on the season.

Rodgers’ post-2021 future remains very up in the air, though.

The MVP quarterback spoke with Erin Andrews of Fox Sports on Sunday.

“I did,” Rodgers said about asking for a trade. “Because they wouldn’t commit to me past 2021. So I figured if they want to make a change even though I just won MVP, why wait? They drafted my replacement, so let him play if that’s what you want. But I also could picture myself not playing, so it was a lot of things.”

Rodgers also admitted that he considered retiring.

“I don’t feel like I have anything left to prove on the field,” Rodgers said. “I think it’s more about the enjoyment and the happiness and the quality of life that this game has afforded me over the years. And being able to 100 percent commit to everything that my job entails and there were many times during the offseason where I felt like I wasn’t able to fully do that. And until I was, it was a possibility.”

Rodgers and the Packers are set to open the 2021 season on Sunday afternoon against the Saints.


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