1 Word Used To Describe Packers’ Talks With Aaron Rodgers


Friday, July 2 is the deadline for NFL players to opt out of the 2021 season and still retain a good portion of their salaries. And the Green Bay Packers have been working to ensure that quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn’t take that route.

Appearing on SportsCenter on Thursday, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reported that there have been talks between Rodgers and the Packers ahead of the deadline. He made it clear that those talks are “early” and that “nothing substantial” has been done.

But they are talking. And that’s bigger news than arguably anything we’ve heard in months.

Rodgers has until tomorrow to opt out of the 2021 NFL season. However, there have been no reports indicating that he intends to do so.

If he doesn’t, Rodgers will potentially start facing significant fines for failing to show up to mandatory events such as training camp.

It’s been reported for the better part of six months that Aaron Rodgers is having serious problems with the Green Bay Packers. Apart from his publicly questioning his future after the NFC Championship Game, few of those reports have been substantiated though.

He has been the subject of everything from holdout rumors to trade reports.

Rodgers stands to lose millions if he holds out from training camp. He’ll lose millions more if he doesn’t play this season.

The next 24-48 hours will be very telling on just how determined Rodgers is to not play for Green Bay.


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