1 Word Used To Describe Bill Belichick’s Feelings Last Year


The New England Patriots are hours away from beginning their 2021 campaign after last year’s disappointment. But as the Patriots begin their new season, one analyst revealed just how head coach Bill Belichick felt last year.

Speaking to The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin, ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick revealed that in talking to Belichick last year, “miserable” was the best word for him. Belichick reportedly complained that he couldn’t get the team to play he was accustomed to, and as a result was often “grumpy.”

“If you talked to him last year, he was miserable,” Riddick said. “He was grumpy about what was going on with his football team and how he could not get it to play the way he’s accustomed to. And you knew it was not going to sit well with him.”

The first year of the post-Tom Brady era was one to forget in New England. Their offense was its lowest ranked in years as they went 7-9 – their first losing season since 2000.

After that disappointing season though, the Patriots made a lot of moves we’re not used to seeing from them. They spent big in free agency and drafted Mac Jones from Alabama in the first round of the draft.

But winning is about the only thing that makes Bill Belichick happy.

He’ll probably be a little less miserable if they win their season-opener against the Miami Dolphins.

The game will be played at 4:25 pm EST and will air on CBS.


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