Xiaomi wants to enable wireless charging without a charging pad with Mi Air Charge


Charging a smartphone without cables has only worked via dedicated charging pads so far. The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi wants to change that and is developing a technology that will allow users to charge their hardware wirelessly over a distance of several meters.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is working on a technology that will allow smartphone batteries to be charged without cables and over a distance of several meters through space. Direct contact with a charging pad is not supposed to be necessary with the system, which Xiaomi is currently developing under the name Mi Air Charge.

The concept of Mi Air Charge is as follows: A base station locates smartphones and other devices that can be charged with Mi Air Charge in the room with the help of special antennas. A total of 144 additional antennas then charge the battery via a mmWave connection using beamforming. Xiaomi does not specify the exact radius in which the user has to move with the device to be charged, but only mentions “several meters”.

However, beamforming and mmWave require that the hardware to be charged has a corresponding antenna array that can communicate with the base station. In addition, the smartphone has to transmit its position to the base station via beacon. According to Xiaomi, an antenna array of 14 mmWave antennas will convert the signals from the base station into electrical energy for the battery.

However, it remains unclear how long it will take for the Mi Air Charge’s technology to reach final market maturity. Xiaomi does not want to make any concrete statements about the development status of the system so far. Thus, consumers will probably have to wait a while until they can charge the first Xiaomi smartphones and hardware via the Mi Air Charge Station.


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