“The Norwegian arrow-and-arrow attack was just a few meters from my home, I thought sirens were an octopus game on TV”.


“The Norwegian arrow-and-arrow attack was just a few meters from my home, I thought sirens were an octopus game on TV”.

A student recalls the moment when he realized that siren sounds weren’t coming from the Netflix show he was watching, but were just yards from his home in a Norwegian town where a man had five people with bows and arrows killed.

Sarkis Younan spoke to the UK press for the first time: I he watched the popular korean show Squid game Wednesday night when he heard the sirens from police cars.

“I thought it was the show, so I ignored it,” he said. “After a few seconds I realized the noises made no sense Squid game.

“Suddenly I heard someone outside shout: ‘Take your gun away.’ I rushed outside to look and it was a cop, he was screaming really loud. “

The police had broken into the Coop-Extra supermarket in Kongsberg, just 20 meters from Mr. Younan’s home.

Dane Espen Andersen Braathen, 37, is on remand and is charged with killing four women and one man in the attack.

The 24-year-old student, who is studying optometry at the University of Southeast Norway in Kongsberg, said officers ordered people to “go back and go in” as more police cars and ambulances arrived at the scene.

“More policemen came with helmets and shields and went in (the supermarket), and after that I didn’t see them because they were driving away, I think they were chasing him.”

Mr. Younan said he “wanted to go out and help,” but followed the police’s instructions not to interrupt.

According to police, the suspect was a Muslim convert who had previously been reported as radicalized. Norway’s National Security Agency said his actions were “an act of terrorism”.

The man is suspected of targeting people with a bow and arrow and possibly other weapons at random in the supermarket and other locations in Kongsberg, a town of around 26,000 where he lived.

There are many elderly residents living near Coop Extra, Younan said, adding, “People were scared.”

Police said officers were made aware of a man shooting arrows in the city 80 kilometers southwest of the capital, Oslo, at 6:12 p.m. on Wednesday. The officers contacted the suspect, but he ran away and was not caught until 6:47 p.m.

The victims were four women and one man between the ages of 50 and 70. Two other people were injured and taken to the intensive care unit.

Officials believe the man didn’t start killing people until the police arrived at the scene.

Mr. Younan described Kongsberg as a popular city for tourists. It is known for its silver mines and the surrounding forests.

He described how the area fills up with people just before 6pm, as usual when the Vinmonopolet shop across from the Coop closes as it’s one of the few places in town to buy alcohol.

“There are many families with children who use the Coop supermarket,” he added.

The suspect is being held on preliminary charges and will be formally charged on Friday.

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