Playstation 5: Supply in sight? Insiders report next PS5 sales wave


Insiders have revealed when the Playstation 5 might finally be back and where you have the best chance of getting a PS5.

Offenbach – Fans of the Playstation 5 are always long-suffering. Although some of Sony’s gaming consoles are gradually arriving in stores, the supply usually doesn’t even begin to cover the demand. That makes it all the more important for consumers to keep a close eye on the individual stores and online stores. Only those who are quick can secure a PS5.

“But where can I buy the Playstation 5?” gamers are asking themselves around the clock. Insiders have now revealed which stores users will soon be able to look forward to, and which stores are unlikely to have a PS5 on their (virtual) shelves.

Playstation 5: Where will the new PS5 be available? Insiders have a tip
After a lot of back and forth, some gamers can finally rejoice: At the end of January, the majority of the Sony consoles pre-ordered at Media Markt and Saturn should finally have arrived. The hashtag #wobleibtmeineps5 became #meineps5istjetztda. But only those who managed to pre-order a Playstation 5 could rejoice for the time being. Most of the others came away empty-handed. At the beginning of February, some news portals reported that some consoles were finally back on sale at MediMax and Gamestop, for example. But again, the joy was short-lived for many gamers; as usual, the PS5 was out of stock again after a few minutes. Now there is new hope.

As the portal “GamesWirtschaft” points out, it assumes at least two sales campaigns that could start in the next few days. Because: At German retailers, who did not provide a PS5 in the past few days, the chances are good. One or the other console could be back in stock in the next few days. Conversely, this also means that other retailers might not have anything for the time being. This may be because these German providers are currently busy with ordering and shipping and are working to capacity. Nevertheless, enthusiasts should also keep an eye on these stores, because nothing is excluded.

PS5: Will there be another big sales wave of the Playstation 5?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a fourth big sales wave of the PS5 at the moment. As “GamePro” reports, retailers are currently taking a different approach. Instead of launching large contingents and giving fans of the Playstation 5 a heads-up, they are now launching the Sony consoles in smaller quantities – and usually without much notice. One insider tip is the live marketplace stockX, where consumers can bid* for the new PS5, even if the price is usually a bit higher than in stores, reports*.

Furthermore, insiders expect that Media Markt and Saturn might also have more PS5 bundles in their assortment in the near future. Behind the Playstation 5 bundles is a strategy of the online retailers to defend themselves against scalpers. A bundle usually consists of the console and a game, for example. The reasoning behind this is as simple as it is ingenious.

Playstation 5: The PS5 in a bundle – the idea behind it

Many bots used by scalpers to snatch up the Playstation 5 as quickly as possible have a simple programming. They scan the portals for the PS5. The focus of the bots’ search is often on individual items, the portal reports further. By the fact that in a bundle, however, several articles are offered, the bots “overlook” the offer and switch to the next provider.

But what the bots might not have managed to do, attentive gamers have managed to do in the past few days. Just like the individual offers of the Sony console, the PS5 bundles were also sold out within a short time. It is unclear whether the retailers’ tactics worked out. Those who want to secure a Playstation 5 should also have a look at the Twitter bots in addition to the various stores. Among others, the Twitter bot “PS5 Bot DE” informs via the news service when and especially where the PS5 is available. But the fact remains: Fans have to be quick, because by now the bot already has over 44,000 followers. (Sophia Lother) * is part of the nationwide Ippen Digital editorial network.


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