Mother of three, 32, forced to have hands and feet amputated after contracting Covid.


Mother of three, 32, forced to have hands and feet amputated after contracting Covid.

Dr. Wesley Ely has warned of the coagulation dangers of Covid-19 after one of his patients lost their legs and hands after contracting the deadly virus while visiting for another surgery

A doctor has issued an urgent warning of the dangers of Covid after a patient’s hands and feet were amputated as a result of the virus.

Dr. Wesley Ely based in Nashville, USA, posted a video on Twitter by Autumn Nugent online showing how she was fitted with a prosthetic leg while her hands and thighs were wrapped in bandages.

He shared how the hands and feet of the mother of three were “taken from Covid”.

“Your physical resilience and mental strength are my inspiration,” he said.

“She sent me this video walking with new legs and said to tell you that Covid blood clots can be prevented with a vaccine.

“Covid-19 is a blood vessel disorder that can affect your lungs, heart, brain, or any other organ.

“Blood clotting sucks life from vital organs.

“This patient asked to share her story so that others can learn and get vaccinated.”

According to the doctor, complications from the virus can cause blood clots that are said to lead to burn-like wounds – but this is known to be a rare side effect of the virus.

She originally went to the hospital to have a tumor removed from her arm, according to her fundraising page, which was supposed to cover just 10 percent of her medical bills – which total more than $ 200,000.

But a few months later she was throwing “a soccer ball” with her two sons when she heard a crack in their bones.

After going to the hospital again for another operation, she apparently suffered “septic shock and was (was) passed out”.

It is not clear where she got the virus from, but it “attacked her lungs” and “collapsed” into the surgical wound in her arm.

After surgery to remove her limbs, Ms. Nugent was given 12 different medications a day.

A number of gifted prostheses bearing the names of her sister and children gave her “hope and motivation” during her recovery.

Dr. Ely added, “Your life has changed forever. This is the reality of what can happen to a very young and perfectly healthy person.

“Life goes on no matter how hard the curveballs we throw. There is hope for tomorrow.

“She is driven by her love for her children and sisters.”

And in a message to Anti-Vaxxer, he said: “Covid patients want to be vaccinated and many have asked you to reconsider.

“Sorry, your part and share their story and message of hope.

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