Joe Rogan called from the CNN doctor because he said “masks are for b **** es” but branded masks are sold to fans.


Joe Rogan called from the CNN doctor because he said “masks are for b **** es” but branded masks are sold to fans.

Podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan was welcomed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a CNN doctor, called after he once said, “Face masks are for b **** es” but still sold branded masks to his fans.

On Wednesday, Rogan invited Dr. Gupta in his latest installment of Enter the Lion’s Den The Joe Rogan Experience to talk “more than three hours” about the Covid-19 vaccine, face masks and much more.

Regarding masks, Dr. Gupta noted in a CNN article published Thursday morning that Rogan sometimes speaks against the use of masks. However, The Joe Rogan Experience Masks with his logo are available on his website.

“I even bought one beforehand and gave it to me as a gift. He looked surprised. (They are made in China, by the way.) ”, Wrote Dr. Gupta.

He also talked about Rogan telling him he was about to be vaccinated.

“He had an appointment, but had logistical hurdles and couldn’t keep it. He has cited this story as evidence that it is not necessarily ‘anti-vaccine’, even though it continually raises questions that question its legitimacy. “

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Although Rogan would downplay the risks associated with Covid-19 in his podcast, Dr. Gupta that his studio values ​​safety as a nurse performed “a rapid Covid test” before the chat.

“We were even tested for antibodies with a finger prick blood test,” he continued.

Throughout the interview, Rogan interviewed Dr. Gupta also told CNN to call the drug ivermectin a “horse deworming agent,” which he eventually took after testing positive for Covid-19 and suggesting the term was defamatory.

He claimed the drug was prescribed for him by a doctor

“You lie in your network about people taking human drugs instead of veterinary drugs,” said Rogan, to whom Dr. Gupta said, “It’s not exactly flattering to call it” horse wormer, “I understand.”

When Rogan continued to rail against CNN’s “framing” of his prescription as a veterinarian, Dr. Gupta admits that the drug shouldn’t be called a “horse wormer,” but isn’t sure if that was a defamatory statement.

“Yes, they shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know if it’s slanderous, ”he said.

When social media got wind of the Rogan and Gupta discussion, many responded with mixed reactions that they most likely would not have done the interview.

“I would not be exposed in a room with him, TBH,” someone wrote.

“I wouldn’t have continued. I love Sanjay Gupta, but that just got Joe Rogan more exposure, and now his clips are being used by all of these anti-vaxers. I respect Gupta, but don’t waste your energy on someone who is clearly trying to get more attention, ”added another.

Others thought it was a great discussion between people with opposing views, and one wrote, “So glad these two had a civil conversation from two sides, we need more of it in society.”

Check out the other mixed comment below.

According to the FDA, ivermectin can be used to “treat people with intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis, two diseases caused by parasitic worms”.

It can also help animals with worms and parasites, but the human version of the drug is different from the animal version and should not be taken by humans.

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