Espionage at Olympia? German Ski Association contacts the BND.


Espionage at Olympia? German Ski Association contacts the BND.

At the Olympic Games next year, the DSV athletes want to successfully fight for medals again. The association also relies on the expertise of the Federal Intelligence Service.

In preparation for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022, the German Ski Association (DSV) contacted the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). “We bring sensitive data with us,” said Alpin boss Wolfgang Maier on the edge of the clothing for the DSV teams in Schwäbisch Hall, which is why the association asked the foreign secret service how it should behave.

The “floppy hats” advised the DSV to leave their data, for example on waxing skis or material research, “at home” and to take devices with them to China that “only have the bare essentials on them,” reported Maier. In order to rule out espionage, contacting the BND was logical, said Maier. “Who else should you ask about it? We had to turn to someone.”

The German ski jumping trainer Stefan Horngacher relies on his own method of countering espionage, he said in Schwäbisch Hall: “I have my clever book with me, it’s handwritten, it always works.”

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