Dangerous banking Trojan FluBot: Beware of forged package SMS


Android users beware: Fraudsters are currently trying to infect smartphones with a banking Trojan via fake packet SMS messages. Experts tell you how you should best behave in such a case.

Users of Android devices should be particularly careful with incoming SMS messages at the moment. According to security experts from ESET, criminals are trying to infect smartphones with a banking Trojan called FluBot via fake sending notifications. The SMS are allegedly sent by large logistics companies such as DHL or FedEx.

Do not open links in parcel SMS messages

In the SMS, recipients are asked to install an app via a link in order to view the shipment status of the alleged package. However, the Trojan gets onto the device via this application. The malware gains important permissions, such as reading and writing SMS messages, accessing the contact list and making calls.

“The FluBot banking Trojan is currently spreading rapidly in Germany and poses a serious security problem,” explains security expert Lukas Stefanko. Once installed, the malware steals contact data and sensitive information, among other things.

The FluBot malware program has been in circulation since the end of last year. So far, however, its activities have been largely limited to Spain and Poland. Now, however, criminals are also targeting Android users in Germany. ESET’s security experts explain exactly how the fraudsters proceed on the website Welivesecurity.

How to protect yourself

If you have received a fake SMS or other notifications with strange content, the security experts advise you to delete them immediately. You should also never click on the links sent with the messages.


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