Carmelo Anthony Trolled by Russell Westbrook, DeAndre Jordan [WATCH].


Carmelo Anthony Trolled by Russell Westbrook, DeAndre Jordan [WATCH].

Carmelo Anthony’s new Los Angeles Lakers teammates had a bit of fun during a practice session recently at the forward’s expense. Anthony took offense at a lazy phone call that led DeAndre Jordan and Russell Westbrook to joke about his newly published book. The Lakers released the practice material as part of a mic’d-up segment with Jordan.

“Who blew that pipe?” Anthony asked in the clip. “Who whistled? All calm, right? Is that what you called it? “

Anthony published his new book “Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised: A Memoir of Survival and Hope” in September. After Anthony expressed disappointment over the foul call, his teammates took the opportunity to take a stab on his most recent book tour.

“Don’t let Melo scare you, dog,” Jordan replied. “You still get a copy of the book, man. You can call fouls on Melo, dog. You will still get a copy of the book. “

Westbrook even made a joke at Anthony’s expense.

“He’ll sign it for you too,” Westbrook agreed.

Here’s a look at the fun clip.

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The new looking Lakers seem to be getting along well, with Anthony, Jordan and Westbrook all joining the team this off-season. Anthony spent some time on the Lakers’ starting line-up during the preseason and head coach Frank Vogel hasn’t ruled out the striker’s regular season.

“We will probably prepare for a hopefully uniform starting line-up, but we just want to give it a few different looks in the preseason,” Vogel explained during a press conference on October 13th. “He will help us, regardless of whether we use him from the bench or in the starting XI. He’s just a good basketball player.

“Of course he’s changed his game in the last few years and I thought with what we saw in the third quarter when he really got into the ground clearance and knocked down threes. I think that will be his greatest asset to this team, but it really doesn’t matter whether he comes off the bench or starts. He will be a factor for us. “

Whether he’s starting out or coming off the bank, Anthony is ready to do whatever is asked of him. Anthony believes that when the Lakers announce the season against the Warriors on October 19, each player’s role and starting line-up will be cemented once the team is back to full strength.

“You just have to adapt, you just have to be ready to adapt,” Anthony said during a press conference on October 13th about the uncertainty about his role. “I think through [the]Time game one is here, we’d know how I would know, everyone would somehow [know]what their situation is, what their role is. But right now we’re just playing. I do not know. I know what to do Sure, I know if I’m starting to come [off the bench], I know what to do.

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