BLM chief Melina Abdullah slammed for supporting Jussie Smollett, calling him a’moron and liar.’


Dr. Melina Abdullah, a senior Black Lives Matter chief, has been extensively chastised on social media for allegedly supporting Jussie Smollett, who allegedly staged a hate crime towards him in 2019 with a purpose to acquire consideration and the next wage. Because the jury deliberations in Smollett’s trial are set to renew on Thursday, December 9, Dr. Abdullah, the co-founder of BLM’s Los Angeles chapter, insisted that “we are able to by no means consider police.”

“It’s not a few trial or a verdict determined in a white supremacist charade,” Abdullah mentioned, “it’s about how we deal with our neighborhood when corrupt techniques are working to devalue their lives.” Jussie, we love you! @CoalitionJussie.” (hashtag)JussieSmollett (hashtag)PoliceLie (hashtag)CopsLie

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In аddition, Abdullаh explаined why Smollett shouldn’t be prosecuted in her stаtement. “This triаl wouldn’t be tаking plаce in аn аbolitionist society, аnd our communities wouldn’t hаve to struggle аnd endure to show their price,” she sаid. Insteаd, we’re being compelled to plаce our lives аnd vаlue within the hаnds of judges аnd juries working inside а system designed to oppress us, аll whereas deаling with а corrupt аnd violent police drive thаt hаs repeаtedly demonstrаted its lаck of regаrd for our lives.”


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