Will there be a third ‘Nine Lives of Christmas’ film?.


Will there be a third ‘Nine Lives of Christmas’ film?.

Hallmarks “The Nine Kittens of Christmas” is the sequel to the hugely popular original film “The Nine Lives of Christmas”. But is there a chance for a third film? Kimberley Sustad recently answered this question.

During an interview with Hallmark Happenings, Sustad was asked if they could do a third film.

At first she just laughed, “Let’s talk about it after you see this … I said, ‘We should just take these two characters and put them in a crime-solving situation.’”

She and the Hallmark Happenings then chatted about all the different cat detective and crime education shows that are out there.

“We think we think,” Sustad said of ideas for Zach and Marilee.

While there aren’t currently any plans for a third film, it looks like they’re at least considering the idea based on Sustad’s responses.

Sustad also told Hallmark Happenings that the seven-year period between the two films gave lead characters Zach and Marilee time to mature and change.

“I think it’s nice how we mature as people after seven years,” she said. “Marilee and Zachary have a natural maturity that I think adds a new vibe. Because we are dealing with something that we as characters were previously familiar with, and there is more in the nostalgia of this story than it is … a brand new thing … there is a sense of knowing but using that distance and time [where]so much is unsaid … “

She said the heart of the movie is “thinking about the choices you’ve made in life and whether they were the right ones … the choices we make and where they will lead us.”

This, she said, adds extra depth to the movie, although it’s also great fun.

“I think it has a slightly more serious tone to it in places, but I think it adds a little extra depth,” she shared.

Of course, Marilee is still “a lot of Marilee” and the film is still a lot of fun.

She said that this movie is different because in theory it can stand on its own as the two characters have grown and changed.

“It’s not a typical sequel,” she said. “…[The two movies] can actually stand on their own … It’s a whole new story and a whole new love story, and hopefully it will be just as great … They’ll live a whole different life when we step into this movie. … The film has an old and a new, and that was exciting for me … “

The film is the result of years of preparation. Sustad already spoke of a sequel in 2020.

She told My Devotional Thoughts in a 2020 interview, “Well, I’ve already dropped a sequel to ‘Nine Lives of Christmas’ to come. Happens. That’s pretty big … “

In July 2020, Sustad told The Bubbly Sesh podcast that she was already working on the sequel.

Sustad said:

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