‘Survivor’ alum Sophie Clarke shares insights into season 41.


‘Survivor’ alum Sophie Clarke shares insights into season 41.

Survivor 23 winner Sophie Clarke recently sat down with podcast host Rob Cesternino to discuss everything to do with Survivor 41. Sophie first appeared on Survivor: South Pacific in 2011 when she took home the song “Sole Survivor”. She later appeared in 2020 in “Survivor: Winners at War”.

On an episode of “Rob Has a Podcast” from November 2021, Sophie shared her thoughts on the new season.

Season 41 has received a ton of backlash from fans who think the new season has too many twists and turns. Sophie told Rob that she’s a fan of the latest twists and turns “Survivor 41” into a board game expansion pack.

“You introduced the expansion pack. It turns the whole thing upside down and I think we all just have to admit it’s more fun, ”she told Rob. “Yeah, as a player it would be shit. You could be a really good player and go under. There are all these twists and turns and advantages, but for those little moments on TV where you see something crazy happening, I think it’s funny. “

Sophie supports the new changes to the game but agrees with fans who feel the game has gotten too complicated.

“It’s hard to follow episode after episode. I liked the things that are only in a single episode … but it’s impossible to remember three episodes later who has the extra voice, “she said to Rob.

Sophie said she thinks the extent of the game’s unpredictability could be a little liberating for players this season. She said that playing Survivor is stressful and that players often feel a lot of pressure to perform well. She told Rob that the new twists and turns put some pressure on participants because they can’t control everything that happens in the game.

“I think it’s just being fun this season for Just – it seems like a player is able to take the stress out of himself that something is out of his hands, as if it could actually be a little liberating as a player. “She said in the interview.

Sophie told Rob she understood the backlash but believes that Survivor fans will adapt to the new changes over time.

“Things will happen to you in the game. The game is a player on itself. And I think this season is going to be a painful transition into this new world of game trying to overtake you but I think we will all adjust to it, ”she said .

After appearing in “Survivor: Winners at War”, Sophie welcomed her first child with husband Robert “Bobby” Shady in June 2021.

On June 21, 2021, the “Survivor” alum shared several photos of her son in a Father’s Day Instagram post dedicated to her husband. In the caption she wrote: “A belated Happy Father’s Day to mine [Robert Shady]. New master of the half-up-half-down hairstyle / lifestyle and new father of the 4 day old baby Robinson Bullard Clarke-Shady (Robinson Sharke for short).

On Rob’s podcast, Sophie shared how motherhood changed her.

“I feel like mothers on ‘Survivor’ are always talking about how difficult it is to be a mom, and that makes ‘Survivor’ easier because they’ve gone through being a mom … I feel like I am I apologize very much to mothers for doubting them in my head, ”she said in the interview. She told Rob that her perspective has changed since becoming a mother and she now understands why people say parenting is harder than “surviving.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8pm on CBS. Season 42 of “Survivor” will air in spring 2022.

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